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Oct 4, 2015

More Veggies, New Job

More Veggies-
This is the time of year we get a good supply of veggies from the garden. Tomatoes, several peppers, squash, lemon cukes, herbs. I made the pizza above with bell peppers, gypsy peppers and 4 kinds of tomatoes. The dough is from a local pizza place. No sauce, just a little EVOO, cheese and herbs. That was a good one! I made some fresh salsa yesterday, with cilantro, red onion, tomatoes and salsa peppers. Great on top of open faced tostadas! I'm going out today to cut the non-producing vines way back, to get more sun to the existing tomatoes. It's been in the 70's, with 40 at night, days are getting much shorter. I like to speed up the ripening as I'm able to. High 70's next week. Leave are changing! We had a big rain storm a couple night ago, so everything is just SO GREEN! Girls still laying 3 eggs per day. We'll clean the coop next month for the winter. I hope we get some serious snow in the mountains, as we had a terrible fire season this year :(

New Job-
I love my new job. I wanted to start with that. I have shifted out of a elementary librarian job after 10 years, which I loved, into a large hospital/medical corporation. It was a very strategic move for me. There was also a lot of "luck" involved, but I believe we also make our own. I applied twice a week for  about 6 weeks, into a few targeted positions. Hired! I thought a lot about what to post here, about WHY I resigned. I guess it just came down to I wasn't happy. I felt marginalized (just extra help here!), ignored and not listened to. When schools are allowed to shut down their libraries once a week, especially in a high poverty school, I'm done. I'm very proud of the work I did there- getting kids excited to read, supporting all the staff, and bringing in about $40,000 in grants. Yeah! I went from a very hostile, negative work environment to a really positive, relaxed one. Sadly a principal can make, or break, a school. While many of the staff were very supportive of me they knew not to argue with admin. School politics sadly. I haven't seen that where I am now. I was also working in a very old building, in need of a major remodel/rebuild, very dusty and dirty. Schools are also at the mercy of their districts, and districts at the mercy of the legislature. That can make for a uneasiness when looking at your potential future job security. The medical field is always growing, a good business to be in.

Where I am now everyone helps each other, the playing field seems level. I am doing customer service in rehab for patients, getting them the help they need. My team is small, about 8 people, really friendly and funny. Jokes galore during the day. It about quality, not quantity, and so there's not a big emphasis on sheer speed. Works for me! Much better organization, amazing benefits, and working year round now will boost my income a lot. It's a win win win situation, happy dance! I'm also in a much newer building, much better for my allergies :) Very dust free, huge windows, short commute, free hot beverages, nice cafeteria. It's just like night and day. So, that's the scoop! I look forward to going to work now. Still in the training phase, but it's all making sense. I good with tech, so it's a good fit and easy transition! There's room for growth, lots of support for employees and a supportive environment.

Sep 27, 2015

Fall Road Trip

Fall Road Trip-
After a pretty tumultuous last couple of weeks wrapping up my old librarian job, finalizing/starting a new one tomorrow, I needed a break! Dave and I went up to McCall for the day. A 2+ hour drive and gorgeous fall scenery! Little traffic and tourists. What a great day! Drive, burgers, dessert, thrifting (nothing) walking at the lake, relaxing. Well spent time. Here's a peek-


Our fave lunch spot, local beers and great burgers!

Bathroom decor inside Stacy's Cakes, cute!

I WANT that mirror!!!

Payette Lake

Love that bench :)

tourists all gone

75, clear and perfect

Fave city park

Lone sailboat

the backside of Brundage ski resort

Look what I found :) Pyrite on a heart leaf on a random bench, sweet 

wouldn't be eating that trout! :(

Sep 20, 2015

Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn Is In The Air-
Autumn has finally starting showing itself. The leaves are starting to change and the nights are getting colder. This morning was flannel shirt, this afternoon a tee-shirt. 82 now will be the high of the week, then into the 70's. we had a really heavy rainstorm last Thursday- thunder, winds, lightning and heavy rain. Awesome! When you live in the desert you really appreciate the RAIN. My rain barrel is now full :) Veggies are still coming in- tomatoes, patty pan squashes, lemon cukes, tons of herbs! Here's a quick look around, too busy this weekend with other stuff. Here's a peek at our fall so far-

My fave Starbucks owl

leaves changing

tons of bees pollinating

Happy Fall!

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